Parental Involvement

Beginnings Schools ensure that all families, regardless of family structure—socioeconomic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds; gender; abilities or preferred languages—are included in all aspects of our program. We are a parent cooperative, and require every parent or guardian to participate in our parent committees.

Parents Activities Group

The Parent Activities Group (PAG) is responsible for Teacher Appreciation Events, parent social gatherings, our summer picnic, chaperoning field trips, maintenance and grounds work, new family mentoring and providing resources to Beginnings families. Our PAG chairs also initiate activities and events that raise funds for the programs.


Volunteers are responsible for organizing community outreach programs. These programs teach our children to be citizens of the world, and give back to our communities. Projects include food and clothing drives and raising awareness for early childhood care and education issues and funding.


The Board is the basic governing body for Beginnings Schools. It is comprised of nine volunteer members, including parents from both sites. The Board is responsible for establishing and monitoring budget and financial controls, determining the organization’s mission and setting policies for the school’s operation.

Resources and Links for Families